Most of us have attended a wedding in some capacity but they’ve always been pretty traditional in the fact that you order some nice flowers, hire an officiant, invite friends and family, hire a caterer, etc. etc. Nowadays brides all over the world are trying to create the most unique wedding they can… and we don’t blame them! Why wouldn’t you want to have an event that stands out and is memorable to not only you but your guests as well?


Bartenders4You creates and specializes in designer cocktails made just for you. Whether it’s a themed event, corporate party, rehearsal dinner, or wedding, Bartenders4You can whip up something exceptionally complimentary to you and your event.


Do you have a signature drink that you’ve come up with through your years of drinking experience and it’s just not something you find on a menu? Bartenders4You will replicate your drink to perfection so that all your guests can enjoy your favorite liquid past time. 😉

Gin & Tonic Pomegranate Popsicles anyone? (This is where you say “yes”.)



Written by Marie Vargas

Marie Vargas