I just heard about The Little Bottle Company and I HAVE to tell y’all to check them out. This company is the ‘edible arrangements’ of liquor in that they will make tiny bouquets out of airline sized liquor bottles – custom made for your booze preferences and requests. 🙂

I bring this up because I initially wanted to talk about wedding favors for your bridal party and, if you’re feeling a little generous in your wedding favor budget, this is PERFECT! The Little Bottle Company would make the perfect gift. You could custom-arrange the “bouquet” to match the wedding colors and then select the booze your friend most enjoys. This gives you the opportunity to present your loving community, who has supported you on your big day and in your love, with the exact thing they most prefer alcohol wise. The Little Bottle Company also offers stems, as in a “single rose,” but in their own unique version. With these stems, you can make your own unique arrangement or give them out individually. Such a wonderful idea. 

Granted, not everyone drinks or even has a particular preference that would make this gift ideal, but for those friends and family who do enjoy a cocktail, The Little Bottle Company combines this vice with elegance in a way I have never seen before. If you think your loved ones would enjoy this as a party favor, The Little Bottle Company will find the arrangement that works best with your style! You can’t go wrong!

P.S. Check out their Facebook page, The Little Bottle Company posts a trivia contest pretty regularly and the winner takes home a lovely “bouquet” – you just can’t go wrong with them. 😉

Written by Marie Vargas

Marie Vargas