Everything you have painstakingly arranged and organized and obsessed over for your wedding day looks exactly how you dreamed – but only if you choose the right lighting to match! This crucial component is easy to overlook and forget because indoor weddings are pre-lit and your photographer comes with their own lighting equipment for the photos (if they don’t, ask why because this is something most will provide). The look and vibe of your wedding will change drastically depending on what kind of lighting you choose.

My favorites are fairy lights. The strand lights that run overhead mimic the stars and can be arranged in whatever pattern you choose. The soft white light also creates a mystical, romantic glow to the entire space. Indoors, this type of lighting gives you more of a relaxed feel and pulls in a bit of the outside world. And outdoors, you can’t go wrong either!

Something else to think about are candles, putting these on the tables helps to light the centerpieces; my best friend used them to line the railing in the last row of the pew in the church during her service – very pretty. However, if you have small children attending, keep in mind that the urge to either play with them or (in my friend’s case) blow them all out may be too strong to resist! But they do soften the room and I love the way the flame dances and the shadows cast flicker. Or you could always purchase battery-operated candles to play it safe. 😉

Whatever direction you go with for your lighting, make it fit the rest of your theme. Strobe lights are fun, but using those for your ceremony in your neighborhood church may not be appropriate. 😀 

Check out these lighting designs by two of San Antonio’s best lighting vendors, Great Events & Rentals and Freesia Designs who will both be at our Bridal Extravaganza September 25th, 2016 – go check them out!

Written by Marie Vargas

Marie Vargas