When looking for a photographer you will always subconsciously strive to find one who you connect with or that “gets you”. Of course, you’ll look at their portfolio and see how creative they are with their shooting technique but you might have to ask yourself if you’re wanting a traditional photo shoot, fun and unique photo shoot, or a little mix of both. Much like you and your partner, there’s a perfect photographer for everyone…you’ll just have to do your research to figure out who that special photographer will be.

Limelight San Antonio can suit any style you may be looking for. With tons of experience, professionalism and talent, you can guarantee you’ll receive amazing pictures from Limelight San Antonio. Photography is such an important factor for any event if you want to remember it in detail or having that album you can reference whenever you need to show off your memories. Limelight San Antonio Photography & Video have definitely created a name for themselves within the San Antonio area. Yes, they also do videography! 😉 A new trending service that is now equally important as your wedding photos. Being able to see the event on video whenever you want? Yes, please! Beautiful pictures are GREAT but a video is such icing on the cake.


Check out some of Limelight’s photos below…but, FYI, these are just the tip of the iceberg.


Written by Marie Vargas

Marie Vargas