Being a VIB (Very Important Bride) takes consistency, dedication, and determination. This is not a hard or excruciating task but think of it more as becoming part of your daily routine. For instance, do you have a morning ritual? Do you fit exercising into your daily routine? Brushing your teeth, walking your dog, taking that 15-minute break before or after lunch at work, painting your nails, shaving – all of these things might be a part of your daily routine. For the next 2 weeks, make VIB‘ing a part of your daily routine, you got this. 😉

For all you non-Apple users: Click on this link > VIB, it’ll open in a new tab, hover over that tab with your cursor, right-click, and click “pin tab.” This will automatically save this tab to your home screen, boom. For the next two weeks, you won’t forget to enter in to be our next VIB. For all the Apple users, do whatever apple-user thing you can to remind yourself to enter in – make a desktop sticky note, set up a pop-up reminder or whatever your tech-savvy self knows reminding you to enter in daily.

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Limelight Photography

Are you now asking what IS a VIB? Every bride is a very important bride, however, what we mean by it is the one that wins our VIB contest which will be chosen September 19th, 2016 – last day to enter being Sept. 18th. Each of you can enter in DAILY – easiest thing you could do to win a fun-filled weekend for you and 3 of your besties. Also, when we say “Bride” we don’t care if you are a groom & groom or bride & bride getting married – ENTER IN, DANG IT! #onelove 🙂

So what do you win?! This year, the San Antonio Bridal Extravaganza VIB experience includes the following:

Enter once a day until September 18, 2016.
The winner will be chosen September 19, 2016.


Written by Marie Vargas

Marie Vargas