How to Have an Unplugged Wedding

By Posted On February 20 2017

Unplug and Connect: “There’s a girl here taking pictures. We asked her to come. So please rest your cameras. Our ceremony needs only one.”

Unplugging for your wedding isn’t just a trend for celebrities like Kim K, this can be done tastefully by all. One benefit to unplugging is giving your guest the opportunity to get to know each other. Instead of being completely engrossed by modern technology, let them mingle with each other; After all, both of your families are now one!

Photographers are particularly trilled with the idea of an unplugged wedding. Many times, guest with good intentions, step in the way of the perfect shot. You are paying the photographer good money to capture the perfect moments, let your cousin Jessica know that you’re going to take a hard pass on her amateur photography skills.

You might be asking yourself, “How can this be done? I can’t steal people’s phones from them.”

  1. Put up signage – When people are signing the guest books, put a sign that reads, “Welcome to our unplugged ceremony. We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony. Kindly turn off cell phones and cameras and enjoy this special moment with us.”
  2. Make an announcement – Before the start of the ceremony ask the minister to make an announcement before the guest. It could go something like, “Good afternoon! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the wedding of Name and Name. Please take a moment to silence any cell phones or other noisy electronics. If you would also take a moment to put your cameras away, Name and Name have requested that no photos be taken during the ceremony today — thank you so much for your understanding. The ceremony will begin shortly.”
  3. Programs – Your program is also the perfect place to again remind our forgetful guest that you’ve already hired a photographer, be in the moment with us.
  4. Camera Bouncers (Ushers) – No matter what you do, you will have a few guests who think that because of their relationship with you, the rules don’t apply to them. It might be a good idea to have the ushers on alert for anyone taking flash pictures during the ceremony.
  5. Give them a chance – Wait till the first dance! After the ceremony, has taken place, let them take all the pictures they want at the reception. The intimate moments have taken place, let them unwind and snap some fun photos. Use a hashtag on Instagram to review the party later.


Thanks to our wonderful photographers for these great shots: 5050 Photos, Expose the Heart, Jessica Elle Photography, And Sun Gold Photography.


Honeymooning Tips

By Posted On December 22 2016

It’s the special day you’ve been dreaming of, your wedding day! You know pretty soon you will be wrapping up the night and saying your good byes, and you’ll be off to start your new life with your special honey.

Make sure your honeymoon is everything you’ve dreamed. From extravagant honeymoons to minimoons, we know these tips will keep your vaca fresh and exciting!

  1. Tell people you’re on your honeymoon – It was just your wedding love is in the air, people are willing and ready to make your honeymoon special. Don’t pull a Monica and Chandler, “We need the stuff” but, a few extra perks might come your way.
  2. Plan a surprise for your spouse – For many couples this will be their first vacation together. Be romantic, plan something that you know they would enjoy.
  3. Put your cell phone down – Savor the moment with your honey. Leave the social media behind! You’ll have a better time, PROMISE! No need to fear, take a disposable camera to get all those special moments. Use those picture frames you got as wedding gifts to display all your shots.
  4. Don’t work – Enjoy your stay, it’s a vacation not a workcation. Leave your work duties for when you go back to the office.
  5. Plan a few activities – You don’t want your whole day to be full without a minute to break, but you want to be sure you get to see all the sites your both interested in.
  6. Be flexible – Just because they planned something you aren’t exactly thrilled about, go into it with an open mind. Just know it makes your partner happy.
  7. Journal – One of my favorite things to do on vacations is to journal. I write about what I did, ate, experienced, smelled, and felt. It’s really a really great keepsake that lets you relive your trip for years to come.
  8. Pack before hand – You don’t want to have to go back home and sort everything out. Its better to have it done early, then designate someone in your bridal party to be responsible for your bags.
  9. Don’t have expectations – Don’t try to compare this trip with any others you have taken in the past. Especially if you have already visited this destination or traveled together before. You’ve never experienced it as a newlywed!


<3 Love,

The Wedding Guide

5 Q’s Till You Say ‘I Do’ to the Venue

By Posted On December 16 2016

We know how stressful wedding planning can be for you. You’re probably never planned an event of this magnitude in your life. Don’t stress we’re here to help.

The first thing we need to decide is how many people you want to invite. And yes, expect for only 75% of people to make it. You know your crazy Uncle Eddie is going, he just isn’t one to RSVP, so plan accordingly.

Some important questions to ask your venue are:

  • Do you have a weather contingency plan?
  • What is the rental fee, and what does/doesn’t it include?
  • If the ceremony and reception can be held there?
  • Is there a security deposit?
  • What is your cancellation policy?


<3 The Wedding Guide

Use our San Antonio Wedding Guide website as your resource to help plan you special day.


Would You Like That Shaken or Stirred?

By Posted On November 10 2016

Most of us have attended a wedding in some capacity but they’ve always been pretty traditional in the fact that you order some nice flowers, hire an officiant, invite friends and family, hire a caterer, etc. etc. Nowadays brides all over the world are trying to create the most unique wedding they can… and we don’t blame them! Why wouldn’t you want to have an event that stands out and is memorable to not only you but your guests as well?


Bartenders4You creates and specializes in designer cocktails made just for you. Whether it’s a themed event, corporate party, rehearsal dinner, or wedding, Bartenders4You can whip up something exceptionally complimentary to you and your event.


Do you have a signature drink that you’ve come up with through your years of drinking experience and it’s just not something you find on a menu? Bartenders4You will replicate your drink to perfection so that all your guests can enjoy your favorite liquid past time. 😉

Gin & Tonic Pomegranate Popsicles anyone? (This is where you say “yes”.)



Photography In The Limelight

By Posted On October 10 2016

When looking for a photographer you will always subconsciously strive to find one who you connect with or that “gets you”. Of course, you’ll look at their portfolio and see how creative they are with their shooting technique but you might have to ask yourself if you’re wanting a traditional photo shoot, fun and unique photo shoot, or a little mix of both. Much like you and your partner, there’s a perfect photographer for everyone…you’ll just have to do your research to figure out who that special photographer will be.

Limelight San Antonio can suit any style you may be looking for. With tons of experience, professionalism and talent, you can guarantee you’ll receive amazing pictures from Limelight San Antonio. Photography is such an important factor for any event if you want to remember it in detail or having that album you can reference whenever you need to show off your memories. Limelight San Antonio Photography & Video have definitely created a name for themselves within the San Antonio area. Yes, they also do videography! 😉 A new trending service that is now equally important as your wedding photos. Being able to see the event on video whenever you want? Yes, please! Beautiful pictures are GREAT but a video is such icing on the cake.


Check out some of Limelight’s photos below…but, FYI, these are just the tip of the iceberg.


There’s A New Bouquet In Town

By Posted On September 18 2016

I just heard about The Little Bottle Company and I HAVE to tell y’all to check them out. This company is the ‘edible arrangements’ of liquor in that they will make tiny bouquets out of airline sized liquor bottles – custom made for your booze preferences and requests. 🙂

I bring this up because I initially wanted to talk about wedding favors for your bridal party and, if you’re feeling a little generous in your wedding favor budget, this is PERFECT! The Little Bottle Company would make the perfect gift. You could custom-arrange the “bouquet” to match the wedding colors and then select the booze your friend most enjoys. This gives you the opportunity to present your loving community, who has supported you on your big day and in your love, with the exact thing they most prefer alcohol wise. The Little Bottle Company also offers stems, as in a “single rose,” but in their own unique version. With these stems, you can make your own unique arrangement or give them out individually. Such a wonderful idea. 

Granted, not everyone drinks or even has a particular preference that would make this gift ideal, but for those friends and family who do enjoy a cocktail, The Little Bottle Company combines this vice with elegance in a way I have never seen before. If you think your loved ones would enjoy this as a party favor, The Little Bottle Company will find the arrangement that works best with your style! You can’t go wrong!

P.S. Check out their Facebook page, The Little Bottle Company posts a trivia contest pretty regularly and the winner takes home a lovely “bouquet” – you just can’t go wrong with them. 😉

Formal Wear You Can Count On

By Posted On September 18 2016

When looking for formal wear, going with a company that prides itself on customer service, longevity, and expert knowledge is key. Rex Formal Wear fits this bill perfectly. They were the first Tuxedo store in San Antonio and opened their first store in 1946. In fact, they still have the tags from when they first opened up in 1946. These tags are in a case on the wall, proudly displaying their history. But when you purchase a suit with them, they also have a supply of these original tags which they sew into your new suit, making you officially part of the Rex legacy.

Quincy, the owner, found the pull of the formal wear industry so strong and enjoyed his work so much that he has owned it twice: once 28 years ago after he graduated school and more recently he purchased it again 3 years ago. Combined with staff members like the manager, Greg, and Raymond, who have worked there for more than 20 years, means you are getting help from people who know their inventory and the industry inside and out! Quincy has dressed people for quinceañeras who now, 20 years later, are coming back in for their kids’ quinces or for their own weddings.

Rex is Latin for King, and Quincy likes to remind people that this is how they should feel in their tuxedo: like royalty. This kind of customer service is what the whole staff prides themselves on, Quincy believes this unique service has brought them such customer and staff loyalty which is why their business has remained successful for so long.

Rex is also the only tuxedo store with a full inventory on site. This means they are able to provide same-day service if need be. So say you have out of town guests who show up and the suit they ordered doesn’t fit or never came in, Rex has you covered. Between their expert staff, on-site inventory, and dedication to quality service, Rex Formal Wear can help you avoid a potential catastrophe! #buylocal

Regardless of what you choose, I agree with Quincy: your tuxedo should make you feel like royalty! So invest in a suit, whether rental or purchase, that fits well and the experts like at Rex Formal Wear can help make sure everyone looks crisp and dapper on your big day! 

Here are two 5-star FB reviews they received recently:

“Besides a great selection in stylish tuxedos, REX Formal Wear does a lot to support the community it serves. For prom season, every student tuxedo rental creates a $5 donation to that student’s high school toward Project Graduation celebrations. There’s no telling how many young lives they will save this commencement season.” – Arthur

Not only do they have stylish tuxes the also have friendly, respectful and cooperative people. My experience there was a positive, efficient one. The people there were welcoming, respectful and treated me like an every day customer. If I ever need a tux again I’ll be sure to come back.” – Caileen

So  if you are in need of a dapper suit, you know where to go…


#yourweddingguide 😉


The Key To A Perfect Event: Lighting

By Posted On September 05 2016

Everything you have painstakingly arranged and organized and obsessed over for your wedding day looks exactly how you dreamed – but only if you choose the right lighting to match! This crucial component is easy to overlook and forget because indoor weddings are pre-lit and your photographer comes with their own lighting equipment for the photos (if they don’t, ask why because this is something most will provide). The look and vibe of your wedding will change drastically depending on what kind of lighting you choose.

My favorites are fairy lights. The strand lights that run overhead mimic the stars and can be arranged in whatever pattern you choose. The soft white light also creates a mystical, romantic glow to the entire space. Indoors, this type of lighting gives you more of a relaxed feel and pulls in a bit of the outside world. And outdoors, you can’t go wrong either!

Something else to think about are candles, putting these on the tables helps to light the centerpieces; my best friend used them to line the railing in the last row of the pew in the church during her service – very pretty. However, if you have small children attending, keep in mind that the urge to either play with them or (in my friend’s case) blow them all out may be too strong to resist! But they do soften the room and I love the way the flame dances and the shadows cast flicker. Or you could always purchase battery-operated candles to play it safe. 😉

Whatever direction you go with for your lighting, make it fit the rest of your theme. Strobe lights are fun, but using those for your ceremony in your neighborhood church may not be appropriate. 😀 

Check out these lighting designs by two of San Antonio’s best lighting vendors, Great Events & Rentals and Freesia Designs who will both be at our Bridal Extravaganza September 25th, 2016 – go check them out!